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About Us
Winter View of St. Lawrence River  

“Connecting the Coast”

Welcome to the Coasters Association’s new website! This site gives access to a wealth of
information about the Lower North Shore, its communities and its people. The goal of the
website is to provide quality data, share information, and link our multiple partners ensuring
increased accessibility to programs and services to the sixteen communities (including the
two native communities) on the Lower North Shore. The website is also a resource center
improving communications and social networking for the population throughout the Coast . . .
and beyond!


The vision of the Coasters Association, as a representative and responsive organizations, is
to enhance the quality of life on the Quebec Lower North Shore by creating and supporting
community development and community leadership.


The mission of the Coasters Association is to develop knowledge of the needs and expectations
of the fourteen communities on the Lower North Shore and act in partnership with community
leaders, organizations and stakeholders to design and deliver community strategies, programs
and services which respond to the region’s development challenges and which profile the
unique cultural and natural resources of the region.


  • To nurture and enhance community capacity and leadership on the Lower North Shore
  • To promote the social development of vulnerable groups of people within our communities on the Lower North Shore
  • To encourage the sustainable development and diversification of the Lower North Shore economy
  • To renew and constantly revitalize the Coasters Association